Sweat Shirt T-5 £19.00 £15.00
Sweat Shirt U-5 £19.00 £15.00

Hawks apparel specializes in manufacturing Sweat shirts, custom jackets,
custom pullovers and apparel of superior quality. HAWKS apparel allows you
to create fully customizable Sweat shirts. Every inch on the Sweat shirts can
be customized anyway you want. There is a 3-4 week turnaround, or a 2-3
week turnaround with a rush order. We use only the highest quality fabrics
and materials for every Sweat shirts.
We have our very own in-house Sweat shirts apparel designer department,
bringing your dream Sweat shirts to life!
Our Sweat shirts are designed according to your exact requirements and
best suited to match your teams or organizations brand image. Simply pick
one of our custom Sweat shirts designs, let us know your team colors, logos and
team name. You can also submit your custom Sweat shirts design to us online. All
at no extra cost.
Empower your team with our Sweat shirts.
Fabric: 270gsm Brush Back 100% Polyester
Free design consultation
Unlimited designs elements, logos and colors.
No hidden fees or charges.
Submit your own design.
Affordable Sweat shirts that don’t sacrifice in quality and appearance.

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£19.00 £15.00

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